Seven Pillars

The Seven Pillars is a methodology for implementing lasting, measurable, positive change. We have used it for over 15 years to vet, select, and manage projects. It seems so simple, yet we've found it to be profoundly helpful: follow your vision, use your special skills in a non-duplicative way, work in partnership, share the credit, measure results, and stay the course. Want more? Each pillar has its own breakout page – just surf to the detail page by clicking on the link under "DETAIL PAGES".

"I work in academic fundraising. The 7 pillars work very well for one on one conversations about philanthropy. If you use each pillar during your conversation, you will cover all of the necessary areas: stewardship, buy-in, leadership, listening, feedback, relationship, and most importantly saying 'thank you' in a meaningful way. A donor's time is valuable. The 7 pillars ensure that value is given and received. This is a wonderful checklist for engaging synergistic relationships. Don't make a phone call or schedule a visit without the 7 pillars list."

- Ron Turner, St. Mary's College.

We're excited to spread the word and have spent many visits at Cal State University Monterey Bay annually since 2010, where the book has been in use as a textbook. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic we have taken our presentations virtual. If you are interested in one, please reach out to us through the contact page. In-person presentations prior to the pandemic have included: Ukraine (Taras Shevchenko University, 2017); China (Capital University of Economics and Business, 2015); Jordan (World Affairs Council, University of Jordan, 2015); UCSF (2014); India (YWAM SOUM, Trichy, 2012); Australia (Australian National University, 2010) as well as Mills College for multiple years, and a guest presentation at The Carter Center.