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UCSF Research Papers [Expand for list of papers and respective links]
  • Strongin, R.M., Sharma, E., Erythropel, H.C., El-Hellani, A., Kassem, N.O.F., Mikheev, V.B., Noël, A., Peyton, D.H., and Springer, M.L.  (2024).  Emerging ENDS products and challenges in tobacco control toxicity research.  Tob. Control 33:110-115 |   Journal link
  • Liu, J.*, Nabavizadeh, P.*, Rao, P.*, Derakhshandeh, R., Han, D.D., Guo, R., Murphy, M.B., Cheng, J., Schick, S.F., and Springer, M.L.  (2023).  Impairment of endothelial function by aerosol from marijuana leaf vaporizers.  J. Am. Heart Assoc. 12:e032969  (*co-first authors).   |   Journal open access link
  • Mohindra, P., Zhong, J.X., Fang, Q., Cuylear, D.L., Huynh, C., Qiu, H., Gao, D., Kharbikar, B.N., Huang, X., Springer, M.L., Lee, R.J., and Desai, T.A.  (2023).  Local decorin delivery via hyaluronic acid microrods improves cardiac performance, ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction.  NPJ Regen. Med. 8:60.   |   Journal open access link
  • Han, D.D., Rao, P., Qiu, H., Navabzadeh, M., Wang, X., Goyal, N., Mohammadi, L., Huang, A., Perez, B.G., Schick, S.F., and Springer, M.L.  (2023).  Impairment of endothelial function by cigarette smoke and e-cigarette aerosol requires RAGE.  Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 43:2369-2371.    |   access through UCSF
  • Wang, X.*, Gaur, M.*, Mounzih, K., Rodriguez, H.J., Qiu, H., Chen, M., Yan, L., Cooper, B.A., Narayan, S., Derakhshandeh, R., Rao, P., Han, D.D., Nabavizadeh, P., Springer, M.L.**, and John, C.M.**  (2023).  Inhibition of galectin-3 post-infarction impedes progressive fibrosis by regulating inflammatory profibrotic cascades.  Cardiovasc. Res. 119:2536-49 (*co-first authors, **co-corresponding authors).   |   access through UCSF  |   Accompanying editorial    
  • Qiu, H., Zhang, H., Han, D.D., Derakhshandeh, R., Wang, X., Goyal, N., Navabzadeh, M., Rao, P., Wilson, E.E., Mohammadi, L., Olgin, J.E., and Springer, M.L.  (2023).  Increased vulnerability to atrial and ventricular arrhythmias caused by different forms of inhaled tobacco or marijuana products.  Heart Rhythm 20:76-86.   |   Open access   |   Accompanying editorial  |   (coverage including interviews by KCBS news radio also airing on KNX news radio LA, KRON4 TV, and NBC Bay Area TV); additional coverage including Yahoo! NewsMSN, and UCSF News.  
  • Mohammadi, L., Han, D.D., Xu, F., Huang, A., Derakhshandeh, R., Rao, P., Whitlatch, A., Cheng, J., Keith, R.J., Hamburg, N.M., Ganz, P., Hellman, J., Schick, S.F., and Springer, M.L.  (2022).  Chronic e-cigarette use impairs endothelial function on the physiological and cellular levels.  Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 42:1333-1350. |  access through UCSF |   Accompanying editorial   |    (Chosen as Editor's Pick for Nov. 2022 issue; 1 of 5 recent articles selected for Feb 2023 AHA Trend Watch from ATVB​)
  • Nabavizadeh, P.*, Liu, J.*, Rao, P., Ibrahim, S., Han, D.D., Derakhshandeh, R., Qiu, H., Wang, X., Glantz, S.A., Schick, S.F., and Springer, M.L.  (2022).  Impairment of endothelial function by cigarette smoke is not caused by a specific smoke constituent, but by vagal input from the airway.  Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 42:1324-1332 (*co-first authors).   |   access through UCSF |   Accompanying editorial   |   (1 of 5 recent articles selected for Feb 2023 AHA Trend Watch from ATVB​)
  • Rao, P., Han, D.D., Tan, K., Mohammadi, L., Derakhshandeh, R., Navabzadeh, M., Goyal, N., and Springer, M.L.  (2022).  Comparable impairment of vascular endothelial function by a wide range of electronic nicotine delivery devices.  Nicotine Tob. Res. 24:1055–1062.   |   Open access
  • Springer, M.L.  (2021).  Letter to the editor.  Am. J. Infect. Control 49:530-531  (Letter about valved N95 respirators and COVID-19).   |  Journal link   |   PubMed Central (open access)
  • Wang, X., Chacon, L.I., Derakhshandeh, R., Rodriguez, H.J., Han, D.D., Kostyushev, D.S., Henry, T.D., Traverse, J.H., Moye, L., Simari, R.D., Taylor, D.A., and Springer, M.L.  (2020).  Impaired therapeutic efficacy of bone marrow cells from post-myocardial infarction patients in the TIME and LateTIME clinical trials.  PLoS ONE 15:e0237401.   |   Open access
  • Rao, P., Liu, J., and Springer, M.L.  (2020).  JUUL and combusted cigarettes comparably impair endothelial function. Tob. Regul. Sci. 6:30-37.   |   Pubmed Central (Open access)   |    (Coverage including KCBS radio interview 1/6/20, KPIX TV interview 1/6/20Rolling Stone, and UCSF Pulse Today)

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