Environmental Education in Ukraine

We are pleased to support The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in their work to educate generations of young leaders about environmental science, ignite in them a desire to care for our blue planet, and equip them in the art of innovation.  To achieve their aims, project principals intend to offer hands-on exposure to the environment while also demonstrating a workable methodology that even children can use and that was introduced to the country in 2017 (see our historical page for details)  

The partnership started with Eco Action Day 2020, a new educational magazine, Sprout, and a children's film highlighting the importance of environmentalism, The Power of Environment.   The eco-action day included a master class for children from a dendrologist and a biologist. The children then planted 100 evergreen thuja trees within the National Ecological and Naturalistic Center territory, in the vicinity of a small lake slated for restoration. At the end of the day, a sign was planted, announcing our support for "Green Alley."   The partnership is continuing, with the lake restoration, an Environmental Education Center, and a second film, The Power of Water.   

The project was conceived, initiated, and implemented using the Seven Pillars methodology, and there are plans to teach this methodology to children, when the Center is complete. Put simply, this Seven Pillars methodology suggests that the innovator follow a vision, focus in an area of skill, work in a non-duplicative fashion, partner with others, share the credit, gather feedback, and stay the course.

Lake Restoration Project - How it Started and How it's Going

Eco Action Day 2020

Lake Reopening Master Class