Pillar 7 - Staying Power

Staying Power /stā-iNG ˈpou-ər/– Compound Noun: Steadfastness of purpose despite obstacles, delays, setbacks or discouragement.

Staying Power is the final pillar of our Seven Pillar Methodology. In a nutshell, the pillars are: vision, special skills, nonduplication,partnership, credit sharing, feedback and staying power.

Staying Power means staying the course over the long haul, knowing that some things - important things - can take time (some monumental efforts even take more than a single person's lifetime). Sometimes, when our vision takes time to come to fruition, we need staying power, so we don't grow disheartened and give up. There are so many things that help give us the stamina and courage to continue. Why not brainstorm to come up with ideas, or check our helpful spreadsheet [PDF]. Here are just a few:

  • Youthful Attitude – Jimmy Carter is the longest lived president in the history of the United States. He has been known to say that, as long as he has breath, he'll never give up trying to help make the world a better place.
  • The Company We Keep – We all have moments of doubt along our path. We need people who will speak words of encouragement to us, uplifting us when we're having a tough time.
  • Dwell in Possibility – Why do we say "never underestimate your ripple?" Because one person can, indeed, make a difference. Never forget this simple truth. Dr. Donald Hopkins, once was sitting at a table, encouraging a young high school student about her future plans. He was once involved in the worldwide effort to eradicate smallpox, a dread disease that used to kill many millions, and the world's first disease to be eradicated. He then headed up the effort to eradicate Guinea Worm, at The Carter Center. The disease once plagued 3.5 million, and now is down to 125 cases. He said "I don't listen when someone tells you something is impossible. I used to get that all the time, but people don't tell me that very often, anymore." Dwell in possibility like he does... and never underestimate your ripple!

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