Investing in Innovation

Innovation is key in building a more hope-filled future, so we work to foster creative and technology solutions to some of our world's most pressing problems.

Current Focus:

Brazil: Robotics Education

Equipping Tomorrow's Scientists

In 2023 we began a partnership with Childfund to foster STEM education through robotics education. The pilot project helped a school obtain lab equipment, provided technical support resources, and trained teachers how to continue the programs after the pilots.  Read More

Ukraine: Environmental Education

Science Based Action

Before the war, we worked with The National Ecological and Naturalistic Center of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science (NENC) to bolster environmental education for younger students, including the reclamation of a lake, and educational media. To this day, NENC continues to foster educational opportunities, including an eco-ed app launch in 2024.  Read More

Jordan: Hydroponic Farm & Ranch

Sustainable Greening

Through a partnership with The Blessed Ones Society, a Jordanian nonprofit based in Amman, we are fostering a transformational, educational, hydroponic Seven Pillars farm and ranch.  Read More

Our Online Resources

Digital Tools

Our IT security explainer videos can help bolster nonprofit IT security. Our Breathing Butterfly project features a free multi-lingual, stress-busting Breathing Butterfly app, teacher resources and online videos.