The Elfenworks Foundation's National Campaign to Abolish Medical Debt

Never Underestimate Your Ripple!

Being focused on raising hope, it pains us to see our neighbors nationwide having their hopes crushed under medical debt. Therefore, we have joined forces with RIP Medical Debt. Will you join us? By giving to our campaign, RIP Medical Debt will be able to purchase and get rid of $500 of debt for every $5 donated. With your coffee money, you can change a life!! Our goal is to raise funds to help people across the United States. By giving to this campaign, your donation has 100x the impact!!

Who is affected by medical debt?

17.8% of Americans have medical debt, and half of those people have NO OTHER DEBT. 1 in 6 of Americans have past-due health bills.

Medical debt is the most common financial burden in the United States

How does medical debt impact people?

Many take on a second job, reduce spending on essentials like food and clothes, borrow money from family and friends, and use or empty their entire life savings. All these can lead to putting off important medical care because they can't afford it.

Who benefits from my donations?

People who qualify to have their debts paid have medical debt equal to at least 5% of their yearly income or are at or below four times the federal poverty level. We do not choose the recipients.