10 Year Tree

History of The Elfenworks Foundation

Our early years were marked by efforts in a wide range of efforts, from targeted local support to international efforts to awards programs and education. By the time 2020 – our year of vision – had rolled around we had so many efforts we created a tree graphic to illustrate them all. Some serious pruning was needed before we could arrive at our current focus of Preservation, Transformation and Innovation.

Details of all of our early efforts are available in the following PDF. It goes into details that include: efforts supporting nonprofit IT Security practices; support of colleges such as Stanford, Harvard, UCSF, CSUMB, St. Mary's College, Mills College and Golden Gate University; international efforts in China, Ukraine and Jordan; film efforts including The Concert for Hope; details about our 2007 book and gallery; multiple music projects; and our awards programs, including the In Harmony with Hope Social Entrepreneurship Award, which ran for ten years and celebrated 30 outstanding individuals.

The historical-projects PDF, Concert for Hope film and Tracks of Hope eBook are available below. Please note that the film and book were published in 2007, before the Great Recession, and are included here for archival purposes only.

A Concert for Hope