Learning & Teaching Tools

Environemntal Education (Eco-Ed) - Young people are experiencing growing "eco-anxiety." Learning how to be effective "earth citizens" can help kids gain confidence and effectiveness.

White Paper - CSUMB Professor Lisa Watson explains how the methodology is used at California State University, Monterey Bay, the effects that it has had, with her students, and suggestions for success. You may wish to base your term project requirements on hers, or branch out with your own.

Student Assignments - An exercise on "Expanding on the Pillars - An 8th Pillar?" and another on "Representing the Pillars in Other Ways" with actual student results.

"Be the Change" Worksheet - A helpful worksheet, to start using the Seven Pillars right away.

Inspiring Examples - Social Entrepreneurs - Example social entrepreneurs in relation to the Seven Pillars.

Crossword Puzzle - Simple – A crossword puzzle to help solidify learning.

Crossword Puzzle - Complex – Another crossword puzzle to help solidify learning.

Word Scramble – A fun way to help you retain your knowledge.

Quiz (Very Simple & Basic) – Ensure you have the basics (hosted on Quizlet).