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Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care

The Aviary, pictured above, is a building designed specifically to rehabilitate smaller birds up to about Woodpecker size. This group of birds represents LWTC’s largest volume of rehabilitated animals, so the Aviary is LTWC’s busiest building outside of the main office. On occasion it may also include larger birds, like Hawks and Owls, up to the point when they are able to fly. Then they’ll be moved to the larger Flight Area.

The Aviary Building has been busy supporting birds ever since its completion in October of 2019. Its roof is over 20’ high to enable the birds to develop their flight skills and the open wall construction and skylights enable the birds to see outside and the sky above them – images they’ll use to navigate when they’re released back into the wild.

Aviary Cams - provided by LTWC

Click "play" on the screen below to watch the Elfenworks Foundation Aviary Cam. Note: this commercial-free streaming video is provided free of charge by LTWC. Videos are intended for limited viewing; video quality will degrade after 5 minutes to help manage bandwidth and keep webcams affordable. Please help support these webcams -- and LTWC -- by making a donation.

Elfenworks Foundation Aviary Cam #7
Elfenworks Foundation Aviary Cam #8
Video provided by LTWC (c) All rights reserved.

About Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care works to rescue, rehabilitate, and release wildlife in the Lake Tahoe area of California, and provides several other important services, such as answering calls from the community on how to deal with wildlife challenges, providing training on the best methods for handling wildlife, and making “house calls” to encourage local bears to avoid humans. They also educate the community on human/wildlife interactions through seminars and local school and college classes. Through all these services, LTWC maintains a highly active and valued role in the community.