About Us

The Elfenworks Foundation

The Elfenworks Foundation is a 501.c.3 operating foundation that was established in 2007 with the goal of fostering a world that is In Harmony with Hope sm. Leveraging a strategic Silicon Valley location & mindset, & using a proven methodology known as the Seven Pillars, we have achieved tangible results by focusing on preservation, transformation & innovation.

An historic archive through 2019 can be found here

Keeping Hope Alive

Involves support for museums and targeted conservation efforts. For example, we support the Monterey Bay Aquarium's efforts to save the endangered sea otter and were a major supporter of the rededication and relaunch of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, helping history come alive for future generations.

Current Focus Aviary

Education Related

Focused primarily on students, because it is transformed people who can transform the world. We offer, with partner Campus Moviefest, the country's largest filmmaker award on issues students care about. We have sparked student social entrepreneurship at home and abroad. And we have supported university efforts including: Poverty Research at Stanford and Harvard; Socially Responsible Business at Mills College and St. Mary's College (SMC); and Poverty Law at Golden Gate University (GGU). And we have named Elfenworks Centers at both SMC and GGU.

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Looking Forward

Key in building a more hope-filled future, so we work to foster creative and technology solutions to some of our world's most pressing problems. We have: created resources that combat stress and help bolster nonprofit IT security; supported with a Jordan-based nonprofit's efforts towards establishing a cutting-edge farm that has the potential to transform agricultural practices in the Middle East; and provided funding for basic research at UCSF's School of Medicine.

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